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Kitten Kong
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Given your icon; even though he's sticking his tongue out; I'm guessing a Stargate fic will have be on my agenda at some point :-)

Hope to catch you again next weekend,
I haven't read any Stargate fic in years, but I still have great affection for the show and the characters and, especially, this icon. Every once in a while I decide that I want to re-watch the whole series, but I haven't gotten around to that yet.

Hopefully I will be at one of the Sunday rewatches this weekend. :)


October 23 2013, 15:43:58 UTC 3 years ago


this is Ray in Blairgowrie. Laptop may have died it's last death on me last night. This means there's a good chance I won't be around this weekend. Brin's lj doesn't allow anon postings, so i can't get a message to her. Could you pass on this message for me; let indigo know as well.

The icing on the cake is that my portable DVD seems to have deceased itself as well.

No internet; no internet music; no DVDs.

Hopefully I'll have figured out something if the worst comes to the worst.

Best wishes,
Done! Messaged them both.

Hope you get your computer issues sorted out with as little hassle as possible! :)


November 1 2013, 18:11:22 UTC 3 years ago


just wanted to let you know that it's looking like it could be a long while before I get back to proper internet access. Of course, it could also be next week, but just un case.

Feel bad about missing DS9's worst bad episode; especially after insisting that we should watch it out of duty to the cause.

Anyway, if you could let everyone know I'd be grateful. Really hope things are improving for you health and work-wise,

Best wishes,
Passed it on. :)

Screened comment

I will pass it on! Hope things are going well for you too. :)